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Automotive Fine abrasive blasting price guide

Please note that these prices are a fairly accurate guide only and each job is quoted individually.
We offer these prices only to help you with your project budget plan.

Please remember, we are an AUTOMOTIVE blast specialist, not an industrial blaster (they are NOT the same). Our prices may be higher than those quoted elsewhere, but keep in mind this is because we take extra time and care to ensure the best possible finish on your vehicle, which will most likely save you thousands of dollars in repairs, fixing the damage caused by careless industrial blasters.

Would you get your car painted by an Industrial painter? Then why use an Industrial blaster to take the paint off.

These prices are for Fine Mineral Abrasive blasting services carried out in our workshop.
Prices are based on a full sized sedan, e.g Falcon, Torana, Charger

Body shell only rolling (NO bolt on panels) everything you can see with the car on its wheels     $1200
Body shell rolling - HQ, HT, HR, etc where body shell starts at firewall as above         $900
Body shell on rotisserie (ours or yours) - Falcon, Charger, Torana, etc                            $1900*
                                                                                          completely inside and out and underneath                     
Body shell on rotisserie (ours or yours) - HQ, HT, HR  as above                                           $1700*
bolt on panels, doors, guards, LH/HQ style large nose cones                                      $100ea
HQ - WB front inner wheel arches                                                                                     $60ea
HQ - WB radiator support panel                                                                                         $120
Ute tailgate and panel van lift up tailgate                                                                       lower $90
                                                                                                                                                 upper $50
Bonnets                                                                                                                                  $200 - $250
Boot lid                                                                                                                                   $150 - $200
Engine bay Strip                                                                                                                    $200 - $300
Steel Wheels                                                                                                                           $40ea
Please ask for a quote on your particular vehicle, panel or part                                   $P.OA

* Some vehicles (mostly European, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, etc) have been found to have a rubber like sealer on the undercarriage that can not be blasted off as easily as other materials.
Vehicles that have these coatings may incur extra charges, however, we would fully discuss this with you prior to commencing work. Any additional costs would be in most cases done at an hourly rate.

* There will be a surcharge for fabrication of rotisserie brackets on rare vehicles where we are unlikely to re-use the brackets, e.g Lamborghini, Ferrari, Datsun 120Y, etc.
There is no extra charge on common vehicles like Falcons, Monaros, Mustangs, or anything we already have brackets for, feel free to check on with us if you have any queries.