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Our Services
Have a look at the links below to find out more in depth info on the various services we offer. Please note, some of our smaller workshops may not offer some services in-house but can help with arrangements if needed.
  1. Automotive Blasting
    Our main service is lightweight fine abrasive blasting. We specialise in high quality automotive only blasting as we strongly believe your car and parts shouldn't be treated like a box trailer or heavy steel frame work. You don't go to a house painter to paint your car, so why would you use an industrial blaster to strip it.
  2. Protective Coatings
    Once your vehicle or parts have been stripped back to the bare substrate material they need to be protected from the elements to stop rust starting. We offer a few options and can also supply to you various products for use in your garage or workshop.
  3. Powder Coating
    This is a great way of protecting and presenting a range of parts on your car. From wheels to suspension components, bumper brackets to whole chassis, almost anything that can be painted can be powder coated with great results.
  4. Vehicle transport
    Need help getting your vehicle to/from one of our workshops? No problem, just let us know and we will be able to help you out by either transporting it ourselves, arranging a truck or providing you with great reliable companies who we recommend and trust to move your pride and joy. Parts and Panels can also be collected in some cases.
  5. Vehicle Dismantling
    Keen to get started on your project but can't find the time to strip it down properly? No problem, our workshops can dismantle, bag and tag your vehicle for you. Additional costs apply, but it may be the key to getting that resto moving when life keeps getting in the way. It can be a full car or just a the last few bolts, have a chat to our team.
  6. Advice
    Our workshops are all run by motoring enthusiasts who have been around the car restorations for many years, they will often know where to go for a good job, be it panel and paint, motor trimming or which auto elec is good. They can also offer advice on paints, and many other areas of your restoration. Don't be afraid to ask if your not sure where to get something done or what to use.
  7. Products
    Not only do we offer the best quality restoration preparation in the country, but we also have a range of great products to help your restoration. From welding tools, to rubbing blocks, spray guns through to paints and even aftermarket accessories. Be sure to have a look at our range. Items can be ordered for pick up from your local workshop or posted to your door.
  8. Recommended Parts
    We're not just a service provider, were also car builders ourselves and speak to literally hundreds of restorers of all levels from around the country. We hear about what products are new, whats great and even whats not so hot. This section contains links to business who we've found to be great to deal with or offer some great products that you really should check out.
  9. Recommended Panel shops
    With our mutliple locations we see hundreds of cars coming through our workshops each year. We speak to owners, we speak to panel shops. We're proud to have prepared cars for some of the best shops in the country. This section will provide you with links to some of these shops, we suggest you check them out before deciding on who should tackle the panel and paint of your next build.